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MD 3 is driving me crazy !

By Med stu - Sunday, February 13, 2011 1 Comment
So yea the second block of MD 3 is going and honestly i feel like im going insane!! there is so much material to be covered. I really dont think it was a wise choice by SJSM to put Pharmacology, Pathology AND Microbiology in the same semester, there is so much memorization in all 3 courses which makes it almost impossible to keep up with all the courses everyday.

Another bad thing is Mon - Thurs you are done at 5 pm ... (starting at 8am) that barely leaves us time to actually focus on all the courses and study. Right now im trying very hard to study pathology and pharmacology during the weekdays and study microbiology + psychology on the weekends but so far that goals seems a lil impossible to achieve BUT what can we do, other than working really hard. Im just looking forward to MD 4 when i will have a some independence in my school schedule.

One big big TIP for anyone who wants to do well in MD3 in subjects like Pharmacology, Microbiology and Pathology Get these cards that im recommending below
WILL HELP YOU BIG BIG BIG TIMES with memorization and make your life A LOT EASIER
Lange Pathology Flash Cards, Second Edition (LANGE FlashCards)     Lange Pharmacology Flash Cards  LANGE Flash Cards: Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, Second Edition

 If you have any Questions, Comments or Suggestions email me at medstulife@gmail.com I love to help everyone BUT i apologize if
a little late in reply its due to the work load i have very little
 amount of time on my hand these days... 

1 comment to ''MD 3 is driving me crazy !"

  1. Good.Its indeed full of informative material.MD 3 is going to spread its benefits all around.But currently i am looking to find way for best residency personal statement.Hope to get it soon.