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Is St. James the right choice for me

By Unknown - Friday, February 11, 2011 5 Comments
Hi, thank you for sharing your experiences of your medical journey on your blog

I am a Canadian student looking to come to st james.
I am currently in 1st year of university and am not really sure if this is the right choice for me
From my understanding of this school I know it's IMED accredited which lets students
take the USMLE and do their rotations in the US. In reality I understand it is extremely
hard to pass the USMLE ESPECIALLY if you are an IMG-not to criticize the education at st james. 
Isn't the education not as "good' as the US or Canada? Also, i have talked to the admissions 
office in Chicago and asked about the percentage of students that pass their USMLE step 1
and they told me it's 54%....which is extremely low when compared to the US medical schools.
Also, it's not just passing the USMLE step 1 it's about getting a good mark on it which determines 
the type of residency that you can apply for. How many students can get competitive positions from st james?

Thank You for taking your time to answer my questions

Thank you for reading. Look my honest opinion and reality is that if you can get into a medical school somewhere in the States or Canada, even if its the worst medical school you should go there. Coming to Caribbean should be your 2nd choice, you are very early in your undergrad right now so make you goal to work hard towards getting into a US/Canada medical school. If by chance you are not able to get in then carribean school should be your 2nd option. See US and Canada medical school are going with the system, we on the other hand are trying to get into the system by taking USMLE and trying to do better than the US medical school students. 
Offcourse, the standard of education is no where close to as medical schools in US or Canada, they have alot more funds and many more facilities, but the school is trying its best; still the education you would get there would be alot more beneficial and effective compared to down here. 
The school basically gives you a 2nd chance to become a doctor and write the USMLE or MCEE (i think) for Canada but you need to do better than the normal students in order for hospitals to give you residency but even then its very hard to get the high level residencies. 

Regarding the competitive position, this is the list posted on the school website so you can check it out

I dont know someone personally. 

Well hope the information helps. 

Best of luck 
Med Stu Life

5 comments to ''Is St. James the right choice for me"

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