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Bonaire Real Estate Agents list

By Med stu - Monday, February 28, 2011 20 Comments

This is just a useful post for everyone looking to find housing down here, its a good way to contact the real estate agents know whats available, and get an idea of the pricing and locations.
Im posting a little map, I added a small 'SJSM School' sign there too so you know where the Old Campus is, the new campus is in another city and basically has nothing around it so that's why most student live around the old campus.

A word of advice Don't tell any real estate agent to pick you up (Can't trust someone too fast) and don't fix or make a deal with them on the phone see the place 1st, maybe make a meeting for them to pick you up from your hotel and show you the places.

Bonaire Real Estate Agents

Bonaire Country Code is 599 so dial that before any of these number if calling from outside Bonaire.

Bonaire Caribbean Real Estate. Punt Vierkant 8. T: 717 6120
Bonaire Harbourside. Kaya Grandi 31. T: 717 5062. F: 717 5162.
Bonaire Sunshine Homes. Kaya Libertador Simon Bolivar 26. T: 717 4992. F: 717 4972. www.bonairesunshinehomes.com.  info@bonairesunshinehomes.com.
Bonaireal Estate. Kaya Industria 15C. T: 717 2202. F: 717 2213.
Caribbean Homes & Yachts Bonaire. Kaya Isla Riba. T: 717 4686. F: 717 4689. www.caribbeanhomesbonaire.com. info@caribbeanhomes.com.
Exploitatie Maatschappij. Kaya Aruaco 86. T: 717 5310.
Harbourtown Real Estate. Kaya Grandi 34. T: 717 5081/5539. www.harbourtownbonaire.com. info@harbourtownbonaire.com.
Holland Realty Bonaire. Kaya Amsterdam 5. T: 717 5505/5550.
Melo Real Estate. Punt Vierkant 9. T: 717 8205/8405/8605.
Mi Casa Bonaire. Kaya LD Gerharts 13. T: 717 4545/4541. F: 717 4544.
Pioneer Real Estate. EEG Bulevar 88. T: 717 3240.
Re/Max Paradise Homes. PO Box 243. Kaya Grandi 24A. T: 717 7362. F: 717 7366. www.bonairehomes.com.
Stragena Real Estate. EEG Bulevar 88. T: 717 7111.
Sunbelt Realty. Les Galleries Shopping Mall 8 Unit 2. Kaya LD Gerharts 3&8. T: 717 6560. F: 717 6570. www.sunbeltbonaire.com. info@sunbeltbonaire.com.

If you have any Questions, Comments or Suguestions email me at medstulife@gmail.com
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20 comments to ''Bonaire Real Estate Agents list"

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