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Where did everyone go ?

By Unknown - Thursday, January 27, 2011 7 Comments
Suddenly, our class looks very empty feels like almost half of the class disappeared but the reality is a lot of the people failed Physiology in 2nd semester and are now repeating the course. I can really feel for those students, because spending 4 more months than you initially planned totally throws you off the track, and many students take it very hard. I dont blame them, medicine is a tough road and you have to keep struggling, staying behind 4 more months then all your other class mates is very tough indeed.
But... it also shows us some positive thing. 1st of all, Dr Bruce Hundley, the new Physiology teacher (who came last semester) has increased the standard of the school by atleast making exams that are up to date for what we need to prepare for USMLE step 1, with regards to teaching alot of people find it very hard to pay attention to him in class, but that depends on the student itself, he himself has taught in the US schools and is trying to adjust to the Caribbean style of teaching, which means condensing a years course in 4 month and not leaving out any other important information.

I hope everyone really well in his class this time and works extra hard since now we know his exams are very tough and moves on to the Next Semester.

PS: im going to try my best to keep this blog more up to date for the readers

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7 comments to ''Where did everyone go ?"

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