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SJSM Question about Grades

By Med stu - Thursday, November 4, 2010 3 Comments
I read your blog frequently and find it very informative. I have a question i'm hoping you can answer for me. Are classes at SJSM curved? If so, what's the curve set at? If not, what is an average grade in the classes (ie A, B, C+ etc)?
Hopefully you can get back to me soon

Hey , 
thank you for reading the blog.

Depends on the class but most classes the grades are curved, but according to the school policy they only give curve to the students who had 80% or more attendance. They want majority of the students to pass or atleast have the average close to 70% which is passing, that is why the curve is given, and the amount of curve depends on what is needed to pass majority of the students, this time in Physiology we were given 10% curve while last time we had 6 points, so it depends. Some classes like pharmacology in MD3 had a 20 point curve because its a really tough course.

Average grade in the class, thats a tough Question to answer because it depends on the class, MD1 in histology, there were some A, B but mostly C's because its a tough course, whereas in Anatomy and Embryology mostly B's but in Ethics you find many people with A's. Overall, you can say that most students fall mostly in the B's; there are always students who get A's in the class and those are the ones that totally devoted themselves to studying and read the notes atleast 3 times to fully understand the material being taught. 

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3 comments to ''SJSM Question about Grades"

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