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Printer on the island

By Unknown - Sunday, November 14, 2010 4 Comments
Dear Medical student,

Thanks for your recent informative posts. I enjoyed reading them. I was just wondering if there are any electronic stores on the island that sell printers? and if so, what's the price range? 

p.s. I cannot bring a printer on the plane after what happened a few weeks ago and shipping one through Fedex costs at least $200.


Your welcome. 
There are electronic stores but they are very expensive compare to the States and Canada, everything has to be transported on the island which really effects the price. 
We were looking for printers and even the cheap lexmark ones were like 3x times the price normally back home so if you can bring one then its better to have one. 
But printing notes might not be a very economical option since most of the classes have around 30-50 slides per class, and you have 3 classes in a day, it will cost you alot to print out all the slides everyday, if you think you cant stare at the computer for really long then bring some BRS books cause they closely follow the lecture notes so it will be a great asset. 
But in the end the choice is yours. 
I hope i answered your Question thou :) 
Best of luck 
Med student

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4 comments to ''Printer on the island"

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