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MD 2 block 3 over ...

By Unknown - Tuesday, November 23, 2010 7 Comments
Md 2 block 3 was the toughest because there was so much information for all the courses. In physiology we covered respiratory, renal and GIT systems; the amount of information was overwhelming so had to study really hard for this block exams.

The exam for Physiology and Neuroscience by dr. Bruce were really tough and alot of people who didn't study weren't able to pass the exam but he still gave us a curve to help the people on the borderline to pass the exam. It was the same story with Neuroscience; although the exams were really tough it pushed all the students to work really hard and pay more attention in class in order to pass or do well on the exam. Dr. Bruce from physiology and neuroscience exam are very tough but his questions are USMLE style and he also implements some USMLE Questions sent to him by his past students which makes it a better way of us to be prepared for USMLE.

Before i was starting MD2, everyone was saying its a really easy semester but with the introduction of the new teacher he has made it tough which benefits us more in the long run, the material is tested accordingly and pushes the student to work hard which is important because MD 2 courses (physiology, biochem, neuroscience, genetics, research) are all important courses for MD2 so we need to know them in order to do good on USMLE.

7 comments to ''MD 2 block 3 over ..."

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