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Books to brings before coming/ MD1

By Unknown - Friday, November 5, 2010 13 Comments
A lot of people are wondering what books to bring for MD1 and to the island. The books that they tell you in the admission package you never really use then, mostly notes are used to study in class but the notes really close follow the BRS books ( listed below) for MD 1 and are really helpful in clearing concepts and ideas. A lot of the students that used the notes and BRS scored really well on the test like very close to 100's so they are definitely very helpful for MD 1 and later on as well.
The books that I am mentioning are the ones that students found important and useful.

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IF you have time a good idea is to study the ahead using the books listed below in order to know the topics covered read Topics Studied In MD 1

*PLEASE BRING A LAB COAT FOR SURE, Dissection kit and other things are good but used ones are available in lab, not in great condition but if you are low on budget you dont need to bring them BUT Lab Coat is a must*
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BRS Books FOR MD 1
BRS Cell Biology and Histology (Board Review Series)BRS Embryology (Board Review Series)BRS Gross Anatomy (Board Review Series)

Books for MD 2
BRS Neuroanatomy (Board Review Series)

BRS Physiology (Board Review Series)High-Yield Neuroanatomy (High-Yield Series)BRS Genetics (Board Review Series)

BOOKS Important for USMLE step 1
-  these books are a good idea to have on the island if you want to start studying for USMLE while on the island.
First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2011 (First Aid USMLE) 
 (A MUST HAVE!!) - If you dont bring any other book bring this one, it will help you know what topics are important for USMLE step 1 out of each subject so you can focus on them and is a great resource throughout your Basic Science. Use it throughout Basic science till you ace USMLE step 1.

Books to Better prepare you for USMLE step 1

2008 Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Home Study Program-Brand New_by Kaplan
The thing that differentiate home study from other books is that it breaks down topic by systems, so helps you better prepare for USMLE step 1 by telling you each subject by systems not subjects. Since USMLE step 1 exam doesn't tell you the subject the Question is coming from it better prepares you. You will probably start to use it in MD 3 and onwards.

Might be a bit expensive but this is what people have used with the videos to get high 90's it contains all the information that you need to know for USMLE step 1, its not a must have but many times you might not get all the information from lecture notes in school so this is very very helpful and explains everything in detail and clearly. You will probably start to use it in MD 2 and onwards.

So, Its your choice what you bring to the island, from my experience and other students this is what I would sugguest, but many times you can get these books alot cheaper from students and online in PDF, but its your choice if you want the soft copy or rather read them in PDF. 

Best of Luck 

If you have any Questions, Comments or Suguestions email me at medstulife@gmail.com

13 comments to ''Books to brings before coming/ MD1"

  1. Do you buy PDF's of books or are they provided elsewhere?

  2. Most of the students download from online not use thats the legal way of doing stuff thou

  3. for MD1 are the BRS enough?

  4. i would say BRS are amazing they give you a strong base and are easy to read

  5. Does it matter what edition we buy?

  6. for first aid yes, but like BRS n stuff not really ur just using them as supportive text

  7. Most of the colleges/universities use notes rather than printed books. In this way they can save their time for regular updates. online check english grammar

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