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How was the transition to life on the island?

By Med stu - Monday, October 4, 2010 No Comments
How was the transition to life on the island?

The first few days are very weird, you feel lost and frustrated with the island on several occasions. The weather is very hot and humid down here which can take some time to adjust, then if you don't have a car right away you are walking everywhere you go in the sun, which can be very tiring. It took me some time to adjust but once I had my own place with internet I felt a lot better, more at home. Soon the classes started and you develop a very strict routine, before medical school requires intense studying. You will miss a lot of facilities available back home but after sometime you will get used to it and start to understand how things work on the island, and how to talk to the local. It will take some time and in the beginning I wanted to go home right away I felt like i had walked into a very very small town in the states and there was no customer service, I couldn't get the things i'm used to back home, no dishwasher, laundry etc but you adjust fast. Just focus on your goal to be a Doctor. 

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