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New Professor for Physiology and Neuroscience

By Unknown - Sunday, October 31, 2010 7 Comments
The new professor, who is teaching physiology and neuroscience 1st time in St. James is a big improvement for the school. His name is Dr. Bruce Hundley, he has previous experience of teaching in the states, and is a Phd doctor himself, with lots of previous experience and knowledge he is a great asset to the school. 

So far we had two exams with him and they all were really tough, which prepares us better for USMLE and also pushes students to study harder for the exams and for the course, his notes are very detailed which makes it hard to study but even if you dont pay attention in class you can learn very well from his notes, he also speaks with alot of knowledge during his lecture. He told us some of the Questions that he puts on his exams are from his students who took USMLE and send him back questions that they remembered so his exams are better in helping the students get familiar with the actual USMLE exam. 

There are some things that have been bothering the students, he really likes to take his time and many times gives you more information than you need to know which makes student drift off in the class sometimes but if you try to focus hard on what he is saying it is really beneficial and you learn alot from his lectures. Alot of students also complain about his exam being really tough and not fair, but the whole purpose of him making tough exams is so people can work hard and be better prepared for USMLE so i dont think so its a valid point. 

In all honestly, he is a great resource and really has improved St. James standard of teaching and his new change should really be appreciated. 

Some resources to help you study for his class: 

High-Yield Neuroanatomy (High-Yield Series)Clinical Neuroanatomy

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7 comments to ''New Professor for Physiology and Neuroscience"

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