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New Campus [Bonaire]

By Med stu - Sunday, October 31, 2010 15 Comments
The new Campus that everyone was worried about has been receiving positive and negative feedback but mostly positive. The campus is far away from the main city and old campus but the school does provide a bus which twice in the morning at 7:45am and 9:45 am and twice in the evening when most of the classes end. The campus is far better developed, it has alot of space, with proper washroom, classes and air conditional. The view around the campus is very beautiful as well, and being far away gives you the proper place to study without many distractions, the campus has internet and a rather small student lounge.

One big problem thou is food, since its so far and with no food being served on the campus its hard to find lunch, there is one private service that someone started which provides burgers to people on campus, so it is helpful but there are no other options. Most of the people do have cars so students help each other in getting to buy lunch from different places.

There has been a huge increase in people purchasing cars even since we came to the new campus, and it is a good option because then you dont have to rely on other people or the bus and can come and go at any time. But if you are limited on budget its not very important, things can be done without it.

Overall, most of the people are really happy about the new learning environment, clean campus, proper facilities and the place is starting to grow on everyone. Now we see people from the old campus coming sometimes and wishing they were also at the new campus. lol

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15 comments to ''New Campus [Bonaire]"

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