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Neccessary to buy a car

By Unknown - Saturday, October 30, 2010 6 Comments
I read your blog an the net and thanks it helps alot. my name is ******* and i am a canadian planning to attend sjsm in sept 2011.
but in anguilla. could you tell me if i should consider buying a car while there, just curious. ofcourse i am a bt confused because i read
a lot about it, but if you think there is something worth mentioning aside from the car question, then that would be great.
sorry for the bother, but i do appreciate your help. thanks

Hope your doing well, sorry about the late response. 
I can tell you my experience about Bonaire, the island is not very but still you need a car to get around. If you get a place within walking distance to school then its not that important to get a car, I dont have a car but when i need to go grocery shopping its a problem, cause i have to ask my class mates if someone is going and they can take me for grocery shopping. But i make sure i do grocery shopping properly so i just need to do it once a month. 
If you have financially stable then i would go for it. 
Just remember before coming down here, medical school is no joke it requires alot of studying so be prepared, and study as hard as you can and give it your best. 
Some people might say bad about the school but honestly everything depends on you how hard you study, and make sure you read these post before coming. 

best of luck and if you study hard it will all be great. 
Med student

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6 comments to ''Neccessary to buy a car"

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