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Do I need to have a Biology/Science background to do well?

By Unknown - Tuesday, October 12, 2010 6 Comments
My background is in Psychology/Sociology.   I graduated with a bachleors couple
semesters back.  I don't have the pre-reqs, Organic Chem 1 and 2 and Physics 1
and 2.  Even though St. James accepted me, do you think I will have a problem in
my basic science semesters?  Will it be diffult because I don't have the proper
sceince background?  Will I have problems with residency without the classes?

Thanks and keep up the good work


Thank you for enjoying the blog. 
You are not the only one who doesn't belong to a Science or Biology background, we have alot of students here in similar situation. The main thing you have to remember is that, you will have to work harder than the other students since you wont have the background information but the way the classes are taught they do teach you the basics, but that will be review for others while new material for you. Thou, there are many students here with different backgrounds and they are doing very well in school. 
Im not so sure about residency, but residency mostly focuses on your USMLE marks, clinicals marks, doctor recommendations, etc. 
I know someone who didn't take organic chemistry and he called the chicago office to inquire about the effects it would have on the clinical or residency; they responded by saying it has no effect on it.
I hope it helped if you have any other Question feel free to message me.
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6 comments to ''Do I need to have a Biology/Science background to do well?"

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