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MD 2, easy semester??? not really ....

By Unknown - Sunday, October 31, 2010 9 Comments
Before starting MD 2 , i was told that this semester would be easy and i can pay attention towards revising for MD 1 subjects using kaplan videos, but i guess that must be the case about the previous MD 2 because this term MD 2 is really tough. With the new professor teaching us physiology and neuroscience, he has made the courses the way they should be, full of hardcore studying and hard exams. 

It has made the semester really tough but this way we are actually studying for the exams, before the exams were made so easy that you could pass it even without studying, so it is good. But it has made it tough for alot of people to pass, people who are not used to studying hard are not doing so well, but it is a good experience because its forcing people to study harder than they would have usually. 

The courses that you take in MD 2 are:


So you got 5 gives now, since they switched the research class from MD 3 to MD 2. The schedule is tough and it is so far a tough semester, but at the end what it comes down to how hard have you studied, if you are studying hard enough then people have been scoring 100's in courses like physiology whereas alot of people have failed it. 

But the most important thing to remember is if you are coming down here and planning not to study then its not worth it, come down here with the mind to study really hard and give it your best shot, pass USMLE and be a successful doctor. 

So the semester is not as easy as it was for the people before us but it has alot of benefits and is proving to be more fruitful than it was for the students before us. 

Hope the semester goes well for me, and the hard work pays off. 

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9 comments to ''MD 2, easy semester??? not really ...."

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