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Bonaire Vs Anguilla: Which one to pick?

By Unknown - Tuesday, October 12, 2010 13 Comments
I have been getting alot of questions regarding which campus to pick Bonaire or Anguilla, the pros and cons. So i decided to just write a post on it. Ultimately, the choice is yours i'm just going to write down what i know. Before I get started I want to make it clear that i am in the Bonaire campus, and the information that i obtained about the Anguilla Campus is from students that i have contact with on the island. 

Bonaire New Campus Door
The thing I like about Bonaire is that it has been established for around 10 years now, so you got teachers who have been teaching at St. James for some time, although there are always teachings coming and leaving, you still have some staff that have been here for some years. This gives you the opportunity to talk to them about the previous students who did well on USMLE or who were not successful, and get tips on how to make sure you will pass USMLE and what your study habits should be. The student body in Anguilla is growing but its not the same size as Bonaire, with students in MD 4 who have been here on the island for more than 1 year, they can be a great resource in helping you study better, get notes and also obtain material for USMLE. Plus, you make contacts with seniors that will probably write USMLE before you, this way you can stay in contact and ask them in detail about USMLE and how everything went. Most importantly it is Accredited by WHO (World Health Organization), IMED and ECFMG for a long while just Anguilla just recently got accredited.
The teachers are very friendly, and are well qualified to teach you, some people have a fear that the teachers might have a really strong accent but its not very true of the teachers down in Bonaire, they speak fluent English, one or two you might feel like you need to concentrate harder to understand but everyone else they speak good and are always willing to help you. Especially our anatomy teacher who was always willing to help in any subject and give you tips on how to study better, also for USMLE preparation.
The island itself is beautiful, and safe, it just became a part of the Netherlands so that could be something that could effect the school in the future. The school is working towards getting approved by the dutch authorities but it could take some time, and have some negative impact on the school, there are alot of rumors going around like they might kick SJSM out of Bonaire but the teachers are assuring everyone nothing like that is about to happen. The Island is cheaper compared to Anguilla, but this might also changes since the currency is going to officially chance to US dollar which could drive the prices up for many things. 



The Anguilla campus is new, so it has the new instruments, better building and i have heard the island is more beautiful than Bonaire.

(Rest provided by Rahul Parupalli from Anguilla campus)
The Island is very nice to live on. Some people might have a little trouble with the heat (the school is air conditioned), but most places have A/C and ceiling fans work just fine. The infrastructure on the Island isn't well developed, but the locals tell me that is how they like it. Everyone is super-friendly here and even give you rides if you are walking down the road.

As for the classes, they are tough and this is Medical School so it is no joke. For MD1, the new Histology teacher, Dr. O, is an amazing professor (one of the best I ever had). He also assists in Anatomy lab and truly tries to help you learn. Dr. S (also the dean) teaches anatomy and he is a very knowledgeable professor. He explains everything real well, and it is really easy to give him your complete focus when he teaches. Dr. V teaches embryology and again, she does a really nice job. The exams are fair (there are a couple A's, most people get B's and C's and couple people get F's (below 70% avg)) and everyone is serious about learning.

It won't be like how you are used to though. Things on the Island here are a lot slower than back home. People take their sweet time (especially at the phone company), but you should be fine.
Regarding WHO, IMED and ECFMG, They have a letter posted up here saying the process is almost done. There are three classes ahead of you, so you will be fine.


If you have any Questions, Comments or Suguestions email me at medstulife@gmail.com

13 comments to ''Bonaire Vs Anguilla: Which one to pick?"

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