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New SJSM building

By Unknown - Thursday, August 19, 2010 11 Comments
St. James has got a new building, which is around 15 min drive from the current building they have. The whole school itself is not moving only new MD1, Pre-med and also MD 2 are moving to this new facility. The building is very new, and is in a much better condition than the previous building. We are told that the building has all the facilities AC, projector like this current building but is missing facilities like the library and cafeteria. The building is fairly out of the city, compared to the current one which is very close to the downtown, but it is bigger and is more suited to fit the school's need.

The reason for this new building from what we have been told by the professors is that, the current building does not have enough rooms to accumulate all the students that will be attending St. James in the upcoming semester and student in the past have complained many times about the current building, so this new building has been rented to fix the two issues.

A shuttle bus will be provided to all the students to the new campus from the old campus, the bus will take the students in the morning and will bring them back at the end of the day. We haven't been told of any other time that the buses will be running but it still undecided.

You can see the pictures of the new building on the St James Facebook group.


Most of the MD 2 are not very happy about it but they have to move, it is still unsure whether they are going to keep the going MD 2 there till MD 4 or they will be moved back in MD 3. The whole thing is still being planned out.

If you are a new coming student i would recommend try to find a house closer to the new campus so you dont have to deal with taking the bus everyday and in-case you miss the bus you have to waste your whole day. A lot of people are opting to buy cars or scooters, but that depends on everyone's personal budget.

best of luck

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11 comments to ''New SJSM building"

  1. What street is this new building on?

  2. we dont even have information about that yet, the island is so small i barely ever even look at the street, but if i do come across it i'll let post it here.

  3. Are the resturants and grocery places near the new school? If we find a place near the new school would we be living in the middle of no where?

  4. The professor told us that currently there is nothing close by but as soon as the school will move a lot of local business will move there as well.

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