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How does MD 1 feel like

By Unknown - Thursday, August 5, 2010 11 Comments
Just thinking back to MD1 seems like a exciting and scary time. Beginning of classes is really fun but you soon realize Medical school is no joke it requires a lot of studying. The schedule was as follow

8 am to 10 am -- Histology (can get very tiring and Looonnngggg)
10 am to 12pm -- Anatomy ( Very interesting teacher) 
12 pm to 1 pm -- LUNCH 
1 pm to 3 pm -- Embryology (M, W, F) Ethics (T , Th) 
3pm to 5 pm -- Anatomy LAB (dissecting Cadaver)

So you can see the day is pretty packed, most of the classes don't last the full 2 hours, and you get 10 min break after an hour. 

The day can be so tiring and exhausting, but after you come home you need to manage your time as wisely as possible and study hard. Go over all the material, understand the concept, memorize and  make your own notes if you have to. 

If you have any Questions, Comments or Suguestions email me at medstulife@gmail.com

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First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, 2010 (First Aid USMLE

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11 comments to ''How does MD 1 feel like"

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