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What to expect

By Unknown - Thursday, July 29, 2010 9 Comments
Come to Bonaire with a open mind, life down here might be very different from what you are used to back home in the States or Canada but different doesn’t always mean bad.
One of the first thing you are going to notice as soon as you step off the plane is the sudden burst of hot and humid air, it will take you by a shock but you will get used to it very soon. The life in Bonaire is very slow paces compared to back home, so don’t expect everything to be done in a snap, you might need to wait at the airport for a hour or so. If you are staying in a hotel for a couple of days, don’t expect customer service like you are used to, its not the same down here so there is no point of complaining; also, you will realize very soon not everyone speaks fluent English. The people on the island do speak English but you will go to many places which are not fluent in English but you can usually communicate with them, it’s like going to a Chinese restaurant back home, they might not understand the 1st time but after repeating sometimes they will get you what you want (no offence to any Chinese restaurant off course), but most places here people do speak good English.
            For the first few days focus on getting a cell phone and a place to stay but make sure you don’t sign any contracts before you see the place and have decided on the terms don’t get pushed into signing a contract and make sure the place is close enough to the school. There are agents like sun shine homes (right opposite to the school) that can help you find a place quick. You might feel strange and out of place in the beginning but try to stick around with other students that have come down for the same purpose. I am sure at this point a lot of people want to know the price range of the rental places well you can find the information on this post http://medstulife.blogspot.com/2010/07/estimated-expenses.html
            Lets discuss the school life, to be honest if you want to get somewhere focus on your goal, make studying your life priority and study as hard as you can, don’t waste time partying and enjoying things on the island instead focus on studying. You will have a long hectic day especially in MD 1 and 3; the rest of the time should be spent studying and preparing for the USMLE step 1. The studying is a huge burden and you will need to manage your time very wisely to get everything done on time, it might mean cutting down on your sleep and other activities especially NO Tv, but remember what you are here for and focus on your goal.
            The teacher are very helpful and nice, will try their best to help you succeed in any way possible but the truth is everything depends on how hard you work, they can give you the information and help you understand but it mostly comes down to how much effort you are putting in.

For any info that I missed email at medstulife@gmail.com and i'll try to add it to the list as soon as possible.

9 comments to ''What to expect"

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