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Required Marks for High School

By Unknown - Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9 Comments
High marks are really important in order to achieve a career in medical field; but you need to have a goal, a direction in order to know what you are aiming for.

The main objective in High school is obtain the marks required to enter a science or medical science (preferred) program. Many universities have different average mark requirement and they usually wont specifically list a minimum mark requirement because that changes every year. On average you should aim for 85% average marks in grade 11 and 12, they will most likely look at your grade 12 mark but if you have done exceptionally well in grade 11, you can be offered and early acceptance letter to the university which can be very helpful cause it takes off the pressure from grade 12.

Difference between Medical science program and general science
At the 1st year level there will barely be any difference but once you proceed into the remaining years, you will notice that general science courses include courses from all aspects of science such as Environmental science, Evolution, Ecology, Genetics etc; while medical science courses are more geared towards medical related courses like anatomy etc, which gives you a advantage over science students by preparing you better for the MCAT and putting a better impression at the personal from the admission office of your applied medical school.

Although, students that take the science route should not be disappointed, just make sure to check the basic requirement of the Medical school for undergrad years so you fullfill their requirements to apply.

9 comments to ''Required Marks for High School"

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