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High School Courses

By Unknown - Wednesday, April 21, 2010 5 Comments
High school is where it all begins more specifically grade 11. One important thing to make sure in grade 9 and 10 is to take courses that will lead to University, most of the schools call them academic courses.

In grade 11 and 12, make sure you take the Biology, Chemistry and Physic courses while completing the requirements to graduate high school.

The reason for recommending the 3 science courses is based on MCAT ( Medical College Admission test ) requirement. For those who do not know what MCAT is, its a test that's students are required to take before they can apply to medical school in Canada and US. MCAT has four categories

Physical Sciences (52 Questions)
Verbal reasoning (40 Questions)
Writing Sample (2 Essays)
Biological Sciences (52 Questions)
* based on 2008 MCAT exams 

These sections will test you on all the science courses and your writing skill. The reason its better to take Biology, Chemistry and Physics in high school because most of the 1st year science courses in university will have a pre-requisite for their corresponding high school course.

Some other courses i would recommend are
Environmental Science

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5 comments to ''High School Courses"

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